Labour Of Love (Fiction)

Sunset on  a fairly bearded young man in his mid-thirties wearing a shirt with rolled sleeves. He sweats profusely, many thanks  to his singlet for absorbing the incessant sweat that came out from the pores of his skin. He looked farmished but undearneath his face I saw happiness glowing like the moon. I clearly watched him from the transparent glass as he headed towards an eatery I was having my dinner.

    He confidently walked up to the chef as proud as peacock ‘’Can you please oblige me with a mince pie and juice’’ he subtle said with face beaming with supple smiles. He retired to a seat afterward with his meal as he ate with great sense of satisfaction. He no longer perspirate, with the help of the air conditioner.

   ‘’He looked so happy’’ I said to myself meditating over a bowl of ice cream, my eyes were deeply fisted on him as I sundenly  fall into the illusion of having previously met him before hand or probably had an encounter with him. It was like I knew him like John the Baptist when he saw our lord and saviour Jesus Chris and he shouted ‘’Behold the lamb of the world, whose shoes  I’m  not fit to untie’’ I tried drifting away from this thought that captivates my mind like diamond to the eyes.

   His cell phone rang ‘’Hello Im sorry I will be with you shortly sir! Your books are ready for delivery thanks for the trust imposed in me sir,’’ he  said as he quietly ended the call. He drank up his juice and left.

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  I communed with my heart and told myself ‘’ This young man is happy with his job despite he was perspirating profusely when he walked into the eatery and to crown it all its almost night, what a labour of love!’’

    Being happy is key in achieving productively in life .Be happy at whatever you find your hands doing.  Lymbomirsky, King and Diener according to their research suggest that positive moods and emotions leads to a happy person to think and act in ways that promote building their own resources and ability to positively work towards their goal. Happy people are most likely to attract favour. Happiness is not a silent word, speak it out.

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