LAGOS: Mother And Baby Held Hostage In Hospital For Inability To Pay Hospital Bills

On March 6, a nursing mother named Blessing Bassey, 27 while 7 months pregnant was rushed to the taken to a hospital after she lost consciousness, She was registered for antenatal care but due to adequate equipment she was transferred to Mojol hospital.

Blessing ,a hairdresser was operated on and she delivered safely but was unable to pay her bills.

The hospital after a safe delivery asked her to vacate the bed for other patients coming into the hospital. Hence leaving her and the baby to sleep on the floor in one of the wards since then.

It was reported that Blessing once pleaded with the management to allow her go and work so she can generate the accumulated bills and pay back, but the management refused.

Speaking on the incident, Mrs Esther Ogwu,  founder of Esther Child Rights Foundation, explained that Blessing gave birth in March through Caesarean section, at Mojo hospital at Egbeda shasha in Lagos.

Also speaking, she said  Blessing was charged N350,000 Naira and later the medical director reduced it to N250,000 of which N160,000 and has a balance of N90,000 to clear her hospital bills.

This prompted the hospital to hold her hostage till she is able to pay up.

Responding to the claims, a spokesperson for the hospital said that they are unwilling to release Blessing and her baby because of past encounters.

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