List Of Foods Associated With Regions/ Tribes In Nigeria


Nigeria has various tribes and regions, and today i am going to be listing some tribes and the foods perculiar to them.

With over 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria, the country stands as one of the most culturally diverse in Africa.

Naturally, with such diversity comes a wide range of differences in lifestyle, including cuisine.

While many dishes have managed to transcend ethnic borders, they are still known to be indigenous to particular areas, thus making them sought-after delicacies in said regions.

So below are a list of foods ;


Black soup originally called OMOEBE is from the people of Edo state. It is called Black soup because of the colour. This soup is made using bitter leaf and efirin (scent leaf). It can be eaten with any swallow of choice.

The soup is  lauded for its medicinal capabilities,  it earned its name because of the oxidisation of some of the vegetables. The oxidisation causes the vegetables to darken which is where the soup got its name.

The iron content from the ugwu (pumpkin leaves), the hypertension reduction property of the bitter leaves and the scent leaves for its anti inflammatory properties make this soup a great addition to your diet.


Afang Soup eaten by Efik and Ibibio people of Nigeria is a delicious stew made with Afang leaves and a leafy vegetable called waterleaf or malabar spinach.

Some parts of Cameroon bordering that part of Nigeria also enjoy this delicacy. Afang Soup is a soup rich in meats and vegetables and palm oil, although some people make it oil free.


Bitter Leaf Soup, also known as Ofe Onugbu is a popular Nigerian soup. Bitter leaf Soup is peculiar to the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria. 

As black soup is to Edo State, so is Onugbu to Anambra state. No gathering in the state is complete without this soup and it is usually eaten with either eba or fufu.

It is made with bitter leaf and cocoa yam paste.


Ewedu is green leafy vegetable that iis paired with stew for swallow. This is very popular amongst the Yorubas in South Western Nigeria, especially the Ibadan people.

Let’s talk a little about this amazing nutritious indigenous delicacy of Western Nigeria (Yorubas). Commonly called “Abula”, this cuisine is a sight to sore eyes in bukas and food joints where many love to go have their fill of this mouth-watering meal. And due to its much-gained popularity across the Nation, it’s become a common feature on menu lists in parties and even in trendy restaurants. Yes, I’m talking about none other than Gbegiri and Ewedu soup with amala…combo toh bad!


Onunu is a swallow dish made from a combination of yam and plantain. Accompanied with fish stew, this is a popular delicacy of the Kalabari people in Rivers state.

This special food is prepared with yam and ripe plantain. Well, today, some people prefer to eat Onunu with fish or goat meat pepper soup, sea food sauce or any local soup of their choice instead of the usual light fresh.

Onunu (Yam mixed with very Ripe Plantain with Fresh Fish Stew) is one of the most popular of current trending meals in the world. It’s enjoyed by millions every day. It’s simple, it is quick, it tastes delicious.


Okazi soup is a thickened vegetable soup from eastern Nigeria. It is similar to Ofe Owerri, the main difference being that Ofe Owerri is thickened with cocoyam (Owerri court), while Okazi soup is thickened with achi, ukpo or ofo. Each thickener has its own peculiar flavour.

Widely popular amongst Abia state indigenes, egusi lumps and achara leaves can be used in garnishing this soup.


This is a popular delicacy in Northern Nigeria. Tuwo masara is a corn flour dish eaten in the northern part of Nigeria. Tuwo mara is made from ground corn while tuwo shinkafa is made from ground rice. Both are swallows which are used in eating soups like miyan kuka which is made using baobab leaves and ground okra.


Banga soup is native to the Deltans but also loved and enjoyed by edo people and other niger delta states and is popularly eaten with starch.

Banga soup is one of the best nourishing soup you can make with palm nut. All it takes is an assortment of spice flavorings, an assortment of meat and fish, and finishing it off with a touch of beletete to elevate this soup. It’s an easy recipe that delivers terrific results!.

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