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”Little Madeleine Mc Cann” New evidence surface about her disappearance.

Madeleine is a 3 year old british girl who disappeared in 2017 during a visit to Portugal.

BBC says new evidence have have been discovered by the Police pointing to the German National names: Christain who is allergedly the kidnapper of the little girl.

Reports says the 43year old Geman is a hash and brutal man, he onced lived in a house for 3 years without paying rents distroying the apartment before leaving.

Another Senior police source say the evidence is very ” signifant” and ”important”, he tells BBC news.

christian B: suspect of kidnapping.

The suspect who is in German prison was seen in the same area the liitle girl was last seen before she disapear.

Both the British and Portuguese force says they will not stop, they will join force to make sure the little girl is brough back home safly.

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