Lockdown: The best thing any government would do is to leave the church alone, the church is a place of blessing; Pastor Chris reacts to the lock down order


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has reacted to the FG lockdown order, for churches to celebrate easter.

The clergyman said the church is a place for people to get healed not sick. He also said the best thing any government would do is to avoid troubling the church.

Recall that he also reacted to the installation of the 5G network sometime last week, claiming the government used the lockdown as an opportunity to install the network.

He made it clear yesterday to the government that they should let the church be, in order not to face the wrath of God.

The best thing in any government is to always leave the church alone. It is always the best thing. The wisest leader understands that. They leave the church alone. When you trouble the church, there is a scripture.Jesus said it, that anyone who falls on this stone shall be broken” he said

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