Man Attempts To Hang Himself Inside Bank Hall After Hackers Stole His Money

An unidentified Nigerian man has disrupted banking activities as he attempting to hang himself inside the bank hall, after a branch of the United Bank of Africa (UBA) released his money to hackers who hacked his account.

Narrating the incident, it was reported that Someone hacked the young man’s account and stole over N450,000. The young man went to the bank branch located at Iju Lagos to complain. The bank traced the hacker and froze the hacker’s account.

He was subsequently asked to get a prove from the court stating he did not authorize the bank transaction to the hackers account.

Things turned bizarre when the young man returned to the bank with the court order only to be informed the bank has released the funds to the hacker by un-blocking the account.

The young man threatened to kill himself as he used a rope he brought into the bank hall to strangle himself, the bank security operatives tried to intervene as the young man cried in agony.


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