Man Fatally Gored At Spanish Bull Festival

Authorities say a man  has bled to death from his injuries after being gored at a bull-running festival in eastern Spain.

It was the first such fatality in the country since such events resumed after COVID-19 curbs were relaxed during the summer.

On Saturday oct 30, the  55-year-old man, who has not been named, was repeatedly attacked by the bull at the festival in Onda, the town’s council.

Emergency Service said on Saturday that the later die in the hospital in the nearby town of Villareal after haemorrhaging blood from a wound in his left thigh that perforated his artery.he also suffered a head wound.

Onda Council cancelled the rest of Saturday’s events following the attack.

The animals let loose for the runs are generally used in bullfights later on the same day.

A 2020 survey by Electomania, a polling company, found 46.7 per cent of Spaniards were in favour of banning bullfighting, 34.7 per cent were not in favour but did not back a legal ban and 18.6 per cent believed it should be preserved.


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