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Man gives an account of how he was allegedly brutalized by OSPAC in Rivers State over possession of synthetic hair

One Saviour Onyiri from Rivers State has accused members of local security outfit, ONELGA Security Peace and Advisory Council, popularly known as OSPAC, of brutality.

Sharing his ordeal on Wednesday, November 4, the RSUT graduate said he was on the way to his hometown to deliver ”synthetic attachment” and packs of underwear to a female when he was stopped by OSPAC members, who accused him of being a ‘yahoo boy’ and had killed a woman to use her hair for ritual. 

Read his account below:  

“On the 4th of November 2020 as around 1pm I went to my home town Ogbogu community o deliver some goods bought by individual and some synthetic Attachments I was assisting a friend though

I got to the check point of Ospac (Onelga Security and planning committee) at Obigwe community, A man stopped me and I greeted him showing him respect as an elderly man with a gun in his hand, He asked me to show him the items in my bag he saw them “Packaged female underwears and synthetic wig “

He asked me why I am carrying human hair that I should call the person that sent me I explained to him that I am only helping a friend, I called my friend on phone who spoke with them but they refused My friend got furious and I responded “I don’t know if we as Onelga citizens are not free to do our daily activities again”
”The Man pickuped his matchet and stroked me countless time in my back. I had to call my friend to look for Transport fare and meet me at that particular check point. My aunt arrived and pleaded they let me go those men refused they labeled me “A yahoo boy who has killed a woman and I am using their hair to carry out ritual. My aunt pleaded that this are just mere synthetic attachment, they should let me go and I should apologize to them I Said to my aunt on what grounds should I apologize.
Words were still in my mouth He stroked me with the machete again and again slapped me and said he would deal with me abusing me and calling me Murderer. My aunt pleaded with me that I should apologize I refused so the same man picked up his machete again attempting to give me a cut on my head my aunt interfered That he should kill the both of us instead. he asked me to sit on the floor and I did.
He snapped me and the synthetic attachment that he will post it on social media to frame me up that I am a criminal and a murderer.. My aunt pleaded again that I should tell them I am sorry for her sake even as I am innocent they could have ended up killing me and laying false accusations on me.
I had to surrender And I said “Sorry” that was how I left before my friend could get there. I am writting this story to everyone who is out there to be ready that if it happens new crisis arise in Onelga it might be as a result of the intimidation from Ospac.
It’s a big blow realizing (OSPAC) who brought tranquility are the ones going to take away peace from us. Someone could be killed next time. #SaveOnelgaYouthsFromOSPACbrutality.

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