Man Purchases One Acre Of Land On The Moon As A Wedding Gift To His Wife

A Pakistani man identified as Sohaib Ahmed, has purchased one acre plot of land for his wife as a wedding gift on the moon.

According to reports, he bought the land from  the International Lunar Lands Registry at the sum of $45.

Being not the only one to have purchased a land on the moon, Sohaib said he got the inspiration from late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput who purchased a piece of land in the region of Mare Muscoviense, or the ‘Sea of Muscovy’ through the International Lunar Lands Registry.

However, the documents of the land purchased was sent via US Portal Service to their home.

See document below:

According to the Lunar Settlement Initiative’s website, “under the terms of the LSI, property claims on Luna may be offered to private entities to finance the exploration, settlement, and development of the Moon and its resources.”

It further states that “upon the recognition and certification of land claims, property owners shall be entitled to inhabit and develop their property in any manner, subject to any laws or statutes that may be established by the sovereign and independent government of Luna, which shall be freely elected by its citizens.”

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