Home health Most coronavirus cases are not yet detected

Most coronavirus cases are not yet detected

Most coronavirus cases are not yet detected

On the press briefing on Monday, Mustapha said, in eight out of the past 10 days, the number (of infections) had exceeded 500. At the PTF on COVID-19. ”Saying that it is a deliberate sign and a factual indication that our figures are spiking and another thing to know and concern about is that for every detected case, there is a high possibility that up to five have not been submitted to testing and therefore, not detected. This proposes that on the day you have 500, the likelihood is that that you might have missed at least 2500”.

The measures to limit the spreading including the restrictions on public gatherings, observing social distancing, and the mandatory wearing of facemasks are still in place.

However, the compliance level to these restrictions has been mixed in the country as there has a clear disregard for the wearing of face masks; observing of the social distancing rules, as well as inter-state travels, even before the ban was lifted.

Nigeria continues to register a steady rise in new cases, with 25,133 infections and 573 deaths recorded so far.


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