My Son is dying ; says Jessica a brave mother.

Jessica the brave mother whom despite the pain and hurt she is going through of almost loosing her son, as he fights for his life with his heart beat dropping to Zero(0) , she still finds courage to stand up for the black community and her son, exposing racism in hospitals.

She went live with this message:At the Children Hospital of the university of Chicago.

I have been begging the whole day, asking you to please help my son! MY SON IS DYING! but none of you listen! You all ignored him, ignored all my pleading”! She says; I told you my son is dying begging you and asking to please attend to him, take him to the ICU , that his heart rate he slow down but still you didn’t listen, but even when his heart rates went from 60s to Zero it still takes them a good long time to work on my son! His heart rate was Zero and they were still waking around Everyone’s this is the truth of America!… THEY ARE KILLING US IN HOSPITALS.

They are trying to get his pulse back….

Prayers for Jessica and her son.

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