New Cartoon Created By Punch Newspaper Sparks Reactions On Social Media

The Punch Newspaper has released another cartoon about current happenings around the world. The new cartoon is a comparison between Nigerian and American institutions.

The cartoon shows the leaders of the two nations and their attitude to the police. The picture shows that the police in the United States of America is more powerful than their leaders. The leadership of Nigeria controls the police force.

The cartoon is motivated by the current happenings in the United States, despite the enormous power given to the president of the country, he still finds it difficult to manipulate the institutions for his interest. The president lost an election but he is unwilling to relinquish power to the winner of the poll. All the American institutions worked against him and defended the country’s constitution and democracy.

There are a lot of lessons for Nigeria to learn from the scenario. We must create strong institutions and not strong leaders. Institutions that will be more powerful than the leadership of the country. What happened in the United States might not happen in Nigeria because our institutions are not strong, they serve personal interest rather than general interest.

The cartoon has generated different reactions from Nigerians on social media.

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