Nigeria: COVID-19 – Firm Advocates for Made in Nigeria Clothing


… . As ‘Five Clothing Nigeria’ online shopping debuts

As the world continues to proffer solutions to the coronavirus pandemic, more businesses no doubt have sprung up putting small scale businesses on their heels on how to satisfy their customers.

One of those businesses is the five clothing Nigeria. The brand which was founded by Osarugue Ojo during his NYSC in Lagos State boasts a record sale of over 3,000 products since it’s an establishment in August 2017.
The firm which now houses it’s operational headquarter in Benin City, Edo state prides itself of using locally sourced fabrics to make apparels such as teeshirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, jackets, short, caps etc for both male and female gender irrespective of age group.

The recently launched e-commerce website will allow new and returning customers view, place and make payment for products online.

The website features a shop segment, an easy to use personalize order customization segment, Customers reward program, delivery option etc

The shop segment is an inventory of all product in stock while the personalise order customization segment allows users to describe what personalization they want on their orders.

The CEO, Osarugue Ojo while speaking to our correspondent shed more light on the customer’s reward program.

He said that it is the first of such an innovative trend in sub-sahara Africa.

The program enables customers who sign up to earn up to 30% commission on orders placed via the unique referral link. These earnings are paid directly into the customer’s bank account which is requested during the sign-up process.

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Some customers who spoke about their experience expressed satisfaction with the brand and the features of the new website that makes it not only easy to use, but fun to shop with.


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