Nigerian Lawmaker Set To Sponsor The Skit Awards

The Awards is set to appreciate these young creatives

In a bid to reward these creatives, a Nigerian Lawmaker is set to sponsor the Nigerian Skits Industry Awards.

Not only has the skit industry opened up a means of livelihood for many, but it has also churned out stars and blossomed in recent times.

Nigerian Lawmaker, Bimbo Daramola, speaking on the first-ever Awards said:

“It is a project being pushed forward by Bridge Concept, a communication outfit that has come to recognise the undeniable efforts of young Nigerians, their passion, creativity and determination; young people who have changed the entertainment landscape through creative audio-visual presentations that further consolidated our place in the world of arts in Africa.

“We see that gradually, these people have crept into our national consciousness, particularly the entertainment sector and seemingly today, they have redefined it. Nobody can negotiate that they have done that rising from bootstraps and shoe strings without any support or help from anybody and today, they have stamped their presence on the Nigerian entertainment sector.

“It is our collective efforts that will make this industry thrive and produce youths who are actively engaged. So, there will be no room to use them for acts of violence in society. Through this industry, thousands of jobs have been created, livelihood secured and many inspiring talents discovered like Debo Adedayo a.k.a  Mr Macaroni, who portrays the character of a philandering elderly man in his skits. Even little Emmanuella comedy skits have also shown that age is not a barrier to success.”

“The annual recognition is to create a more structured industry and with that, open more opportunities for young people to discover and develop their talents and take benefits due to them in the industry,” adding, “this will also open doors for more support and discovery from individuals, corporate bodies and government. This will increase their value in the creativity-driven industry as obtained in the entertainment industry worldwide.”

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