Okada Man Kills Colleague Over A Plate Of Rice In Abia State

The Police Command in Abia state, on Wednesday, confirmed the killing of a cyclist by his colleague in Aba, allegedly, over a plate of rice.

The incident happened at Uzompka Street in Amaiyi, Owerri-Aba in Ugwunagbo LGA, on Monday, January 30, shortly after the deceased and another man identified as Chinenye entered a local eating spot, named Nwanyi – Mmonghon. 

“Not wanting to be upstaged, and already a seated cyclist, named Oberagu, who had arrived before Chinenye came, told him to wait for his turn, as they came before him.

”The owner of the eating spot, supported their position and went on to serve food to the other person that came before Chinenye.

”On noticing that, Chinenye started threatening the woman and the other cyclists, shouting that if the woman dared not to serve food to him and his group, he would scatter everywhere.

“That was what caused the fight, in which other cyclists, joined to beat up Chinenye, who left in humiliation.

“With everyone running away, Chinenye drew closer and shot him in the stomach and disappeared with the same cyclist that brought him,” the eyewitness said.

The injured motorcyclist was later rushed to a nearby hospital by concerned residents, where he was pronounced dead by doctors on duty.

The death of the motorcyclist led to pandemonium in the area as residents of the community went to the suspect’s family compound and that of the man who brought him back there, and set the buildings there on fire.

Chinenye who ran away earlier voluntarily submitted himself to Ugwunagbo Police Division. 

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Geoffrey Ogbonna the state spokesperson confirmed that the suspect had surrendered to the police.


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