Okojo Iweala In Finals Of WTO Job

Member of the WTO has selected two people reaching its job finals after close cross examination and wide consultation. Okonjo-Iweala and Yoo Myung-hee of the Republic Of South Korea made it to the top stage.

  Okojo-Iweala was Finance Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. She is an intellectual with wealth of knowledge and technical know how who has worked as a former Managing Director Of  World Bank, the apex financial institution in the world. She was also the chairman of the global alliance for vaccine and immunization.

  Yoo has a 25 year career in government as South korea Trade Minister which ensued bi-lateral trade between  United Kingdom, Republic Of China and the United States Of America.

  David Walker WTO council chairman said  “They’re both very well qualified, it’s going to be a fight,”  a trade official in the Clinton administration and senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and Inte

He also noted that the top responsibility is  “restoring the organization to full strength and viability, and restoring its reputation. You need members to have confidence that the WTO is capable of solving problems. I think right now that confidence is eroded.”

The selection process runs till November 6.

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