Osborne Residents Association Urges Lagos State Govt To Commission A Detailed Planning Audit Of Buildings

The Osborne Foreshore Residents Association (OSFRA) has urged the Lagos State Government to commission a detailed planning audit of buildings in the Osborne Foreshore Phase II Estate in Ikoyi.

The Group asked the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development to conduct a structural integrity appraisal of projects by a developer, Lekki Gardens Limited.

The Board of Trustees members who took turns to address reporters, said they submitted a petition to the Lagos Physical Planning and Building Control Appeals Committee five days ago; they hope it will be reviewed “dispassionately”.

OSFRA chairperson, Chinwe Ezenwa-Mbah, speaking ;

“We ask that all identified contraventions be removed forthwith in the interest of the public, including the potential subscribers or owners of units in the developments,”

They also sympathized with families of those who lost their lives in the collapsed 21-story tower on Gerard Road, Ikoyi on November 1, warning that such an accident could occur in Osborne Foreshore II if the government does not urgently address the issues.

They accused the property company of violating the density level guidelines, making no adequate parking provisions for the properties, violating building area coverage per plot, over-building and not complying with setback and air space requirements.

But responding in a statement, Lekki Gardens by its media adviser Mr Bolaji Abimbola, denied the allegations saying;

“These same issues are also currently before the Lagos State Physical Planning and Building Controls Appeals Committee where all parties have made their submissions and were asked to await further developments.”

The company described the allegations as “frivolous” and “worn-out falsehood”.

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“We have valid approvals in line with the subsisting approval order and laws and are not in violation of any of the approvals given to us by the relevant authorities.

“Our developments make adequate provisions for all relevant facilities including sewage and parking as prescribed in the approvals we received,”

“It is amusing that the same OSFRA that sued the Lagos State Government for lacking jurisdiction to adjudicate in Osborne claiming the land area is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, has the audacity to expect the same Lagos State to heed their complaints that are not in line with the state’s valid and subsisting approval order for their geographical location.

“OSFRA and its lead person, Chinwe Ezeh-Mbah…by this action are again in total violation of the court orders issued and will definitely pay the price for contempt in due course.”


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