Over 200 Pose Naked For Art Installation At Dead Sea

No fewer than 200 naked people painted in white on Monday took part in an art installation at the Dead Sea to draw attention to the ongoing destruction of the world’s saltiest body of water.

Spencer Tunick U.S. photographer, wanted to use his photo installation at the salty lake to support the establishment of the planned Dead Sea Museum in the Israeli city of Arad, the Times of Israel reported.

“The Dead Sea is disappearing,“ Tunick told the newspaper. “We need to find a way to sustain the level or to bring freshwater into the Dead Sea, but at the same time, keep all countries surrounding with water. Water is life.’’he said.

The naked people were painted white in reference to the biblical story of Lot’s wife.

According to tradition, she became a pillar of salt at the Dead Sea because, in spite of a divine prohibition, she looked back at Sodom, a city destroyed by God for its wickedness.


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