Palm Sunday: Suicide Bombers Target Church In Indonesia, Leave 20 Worshippers Wounded

suicide bombers in indonesia

On the first day of the Easter Holy week, March 28, two suicide bombers blew themselves up  outside a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Makassar injuring about 20 people.

According to South Sulawesi Police, the explosion took place while the congregation were inside the church .

Coodinating Minister for Polical, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD confirmed that the two suicide bombers have been confirmed dead.

Speaking on the affected people, chief Merdisyam, South Sulawesi police stated that five church staff members and four worshippers were among the wounded.

Mr Yuwono said that the suspected suicide bombers arrived at the church premise at about 10:20am and when they tried to enter the church they were stopped by the security.

He said:

“Then the explosion happened. Based on information on the ground, the vehicle is destroyed, there are several human remains, and of course this will be part of our investigation.” 

Reacting to the incident, Indonesian President, Joko Widodo said:

“I strongly condemn the act of terrorism and I have ordered the police chief to thoroughly investigate the perpetrators’ networks and expose the network to its roots,” said the president, known popularly as Jokowi, in an online live broadcast,” he stated.

“Terrorism is a crime against humanity and has nothing to do with any religion. All religious teachings reject terrorism. The entire state apparatus will not tolerate this kind of terrorism, and I ask the public to remain calm and carry out worship because the state guarantees the security of religious people to worship without fear,”

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“For the victims who were injured, we pray that they are given a speedy recovery and the state guarantees all medical expenses and care for the victims,” 


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