”Pastors Should Ensure That Members Get Their PVC Before They Take Communion”- Mogekwu

Justus Mogekwu, The Anglican Bishop of Asaba Diocese has called on Nigerian Pastors to ensure that their members have or present their PVC’s before taking the Holy Communion.

According to him, it is the duty of Christians to enthrone a good leader.

He said:

“Christians must actively get involved in politics to enthrone good governance at all levels. If men who are righteous and fear God are in power, the people rejoice,” said Mr Mogekwu during a sermon on Sunday, Nov. 14.

“Pastors should ensure their members get their PVCs before they take communion and do other worship services in the household of God.”

“As communion is important to us as Christians, which makes us healthy, spirit-filled and very strong, it is such with the PVC that makes us enthrone good governance at any level.”

He then committed the coming elections into the hands of God, praying for good leaders who will move Delta State and Nigeria to a better place.


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