Power Of The Mind

The mind is a powerful organ of the body,its  encapsulate human thoughts. Every successful dream in life starts with a thought. Success they say begins with one step.

  The mind is the place where thoughts are processed. Therefore our minds must be guarded jealously with what we feed it with. Robert Kiyosaki in his best selling book titled ‘’Rich Dad Poor Dad’’ extray that two factors that determine how successful or great a man can be in life is a factor of the kind of books he reads and the kind of people he relates with.

   In essence, he was talking about the power of the mind. Meditation on the other hand is our processed thoughts.

  Mind can be likened to a grinding or blending machine while thoughts is like the pepper, garlic or onions it grinds. Mind is creativity power house.

    In overcoming challenges in every sphere of life we need to make positive use of our mind. We must have it at the back of our mind that we are problems solvers. God has deposited the power to create in us and we must put it to work.

  There is a common saying that heaven helps those who helps themselves, our most powerful creative tool is our mind. The less we use our mind constructively the less productive we may be.

   Please note that the essence of creation is to affect our immediate and extended community positively. Food for thought

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