12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is portrayed one of the most strenuous but beautiful processes. A lot can happen within those long, and stressful 9 months of pregnancy. Here are 12 facts you probably did not know about pregnancy.

  1. The highest number of children to be born from the same woman during the period of labour is Eight. Nadya Suleman delivered six boys and two girls in a California hospital, in 2009.
  2. There are more twins born in Benin than any other country, with an outstanding number of 27.9 twins born per 1000 births.
  3. Over seven million women in the US receive infertility services in their lifetime.
  4. Researchers discovered that babies can start crying from the womb as early as 28 weeks.
  5. Twins of the opposite sex make up about one-third of total twin births.
  6. A developing baby can recognize their mother’s voice from inside the womb by the third trimester.
  7. Due to the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, a woman’s voice could change. This is because of the swelling which occurs in the vocal folds.
  8. Mothers begin producing breast milk as early as 14 weeks into pregnancy.
  9. The oldest woman ever recorded to conceive was 66 years old.
  10. The longest period of pregnancy recorded was 375 days.
  11. Over 61000 babies were born in the US with the aid of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
  12. There has been an increasing popularity of home births. In 2012, births at home were at 1.36 percent, in 2011, 1.26 percent.

There is so much more information which is yet to be discovered about pregnancy. If you are expecting a baby it would be advisable to speak with a doctor in order to ensure a safe and healthy birth.

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