Protesters defy curfews across the country

  1. Protesters across the US are not letting curfew orders stop them from marching.In Fort Worth, Texas, a small crowd reportedly remained even after a 20:00 curfew came into force:Social embed from twitterTeresa Woodard✔@twoodard8At 8pm a small crowd of protesters remains on the Tarrant County courthouse steps in Fort Worth. Curfew is now in effect in this city, but police are not yet moving in. #WFAA14Twitter Ads information and privacySee Teresa Woodard’s other TweetsReportReport this social embed, make a complaintProtesters in New York also defied an 20:00 curfew. The city’s mayor brought the curfew forward and extended it to a second night after looting erupted in Manhattan on Monday night.Social embed from twitterjeannine amber@jamberstar29 minutes after the NYC curfew. #BlackLivesMatter #NewYorkprotests #brooklynprotestEmbedded video12Twitter Ads information and privacySee jeannine amber’s other TweetsReportReport this social embed, make a complaintAnd in Washington DC, an “enormous crowd” continued to demonstrate past the 19:00 curfew.Social embed from twitterAlana Wise✔@alanawise_Impossible to fully convey the feeling in front of the White House today. An enormous crowd peacefully protesting. Many people offering water, snacks, poster boards. Someone even set up a grill to give hotdogs away. Now 35 mins past curfew. #DCProtests #BlackLivesMatterEmbedded video1,006Twitter Ads information and privacy321 people are talking about thisReportReport this social embed, make a complaintArticle share tools
  2. Posted at 2:062:06Report: Feds can spy on protestersThe Department of Justice has refused to comment on a report that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been granted new authority to “conduct covert surveillance” and to collect intelligence on people participating in protests.The plan is outlined in a two-page memorandum obtained by Buzzfeed News.The DEA’s actions are typically limited to enforcing drug-related federal crime, but on Sunday it received approval to go beyond the agency’s mandate to “perform other law enforcement duties”, according to the report.The memo indicates that DEA agents would be authorised to share this intelligence with local and state law enforcement authorities, to “intervene” and to “protect both participants and spectators in the protests”, and to arrest protesters who are alleged to have violated federal law.Three DEA sources told BuzzFeed News they were troubled by the memo and see it as an example of the justice department potentially abusing its power in an attempt to smear the protesters.

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