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“Rapist Should Not Be Killed But Castrated”–Mohammed Kazure (Video)

In an interview with newsman after plenary, a member Muhammed Kazaure Gudaji of the Nigerian House of Representatives representing the Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi Constituency of Jigawa State has maintained that those arrested for rape should not be killed but be castrated.

Kazaure went ahead to explain reasons why he feels castration is the best punishment for a rapist, he said; “Any man raped a woman not be killed but they should go and cut his pr**k, when they cut it, he would not go again and do to another woman”

He went ahead to give reasons why he suggests castration as the best punishment, he said that the pain and feeling would forever remain in their minds and they wouldn’t be eager to rape another victim.

He further stated that the security level is embarrassing, to the extent a whole governor would be negotiating with criminals, he continued stating that he has seen a lot of comments about men being raped too, but he isn’t concerned about that because it isn’t in the constitution.

Watch video below:

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