Rebranding Nigeria Through Music: Havivah Umanah Champions The Course

The oxford dictionary define music as “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion”.

   Music is a message that passes across to all and sundry. You will quite agree with me that music is a major hold on man’s life because the lyrical content of a song  stores directly into our subconscious mind.

  Music is also therapeutic in nature, this is clearly evident in the biblical account when David played harp for his predecessor King Saul when the spirit of the lord left saul and he was possessed with evil spirits, the mental state of health of king Saul became normalized. This biblical account is evident in the book of 1 Sameul 16:14-23.

   Also citing from the Holy Bible, the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelites marched around the walls playing musical instruments with powerful shout of halleluyah. This biblical account is evident in the book of Joshua 6:1-27. This shows the power of God embedded in music.

  Therefore music plays a vital role in the the development of our dear  country Nigeria  and the world at large. Good musical content inspires positivity in the minds of every individual most especially youths and young children who are always referred to as the future leaders of tomorrow.

 The erudite gospel singer Havivah Umanah champions the cause of good musical sounds and lyrical content through her songs thereby inspiring, motivating ,teaching, admonishing, persuading and directing the path of all and sundry to the ways of the lord, the fear of the lord and above all, preaching the gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ which the  book of John 14:6 extol saying ‘’Iam the way, the truth and life. No one comes to the father except through me’’

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Havivah is a Gospel Minister, Recording and Performing artiste whose songs has motivated, impacted and mentored so many lives. She is a graduate of Public Administration from the university. Her music is strictly inspired by the Holy Spirit whose tutelage has brought her this far. From her debut album titled ‘’David Praise’’released in the year 2008 to ‘’My Connection” released in 2020  she has been consistent in the spread of the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ. 

Her single ‘’God Indeed” extols the supremacy and sovereignty of God over mankind. Also she sang the praise of the beauty and kindness of the Almighty God in her song titled beautiful.  Havivah indeed is a front liner in championing the cause of good music in Nigeria and most importantly the expansion of the kingdom of heaven.

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