Referring To Me As ‘Supreme Court Governor’ Is The Height Of Ignorance- Governor Hope Uzodinma

On Friday, Governor Hope Uzodinma stated that the Nigerians who refer to him as the Supreme Court Governor are ignorant and dont know what they are saying.

Recall In January, Emeka Ihedioha was removed by the supreme court as Governor of the state on grounds that he did not score the lawful majority votes, of which the court arrived at a decision that Hope Uzodinma won the race.

However, the supreme court declared Uzodinma as winner and ordered INES to give him a certificate to return as Governor. Ihedioha returned to the court to seek a reviewing which failed.

Reacting to the incident and how he feels when Nigerians call him supreme court Governor, he said:

“It is the height of ignorance because they don’t know what they are saying. There is a reason for the Supreme Court. In the doctrine and principle of democracy, the law expected that there would be grievances and malpractices in the electoral process.

“When this happens, the only legitimate right you have is to seek redress at the court. And of course, the court determines. Remember that this is not the first time, so many elections had held where the candidates went to court and they got justice. So, why will mine be different?

“Human beings voted and the votes were not counted. I went to the Supreme Court and INEC was unable to explain why they did not enter the result. It was a simple judgment. The Supreme Court said INEC was wrong.”

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