Refugees Left Homeless As Fire Engulfs Camp In Greece

On Tuesday, tragedy struck as thousands of refugees have been made homeless after a fire engulfed Moria, a notoriously overcrowded refugee camp on Greece’s Lesbos island, where about 13,000 people had been living in a space designed for just under 3,000.

Although the cause of the fire remains unclear, a source said:

“The situation is unbearable and difficult for us, at the moment we are currently homeless on the roads,”

“We saved only the children and ourselves,” he said. “All our clothes and belongings were burned in the fire.”

“Moria is all burned,” he said. “Everyone is on the road under the scorching sun.”

“We left with nothing, only the clothes on our body. Thousands of people rescued their lives from this huge fire, they are wandering in the streets and left the camp to go to Mytilene.”

See a few pictures below

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