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Relationship: How To Catch A Cheating Partner

Tested and trusted ways that has been proven to work on catching a cheating partner. Many relationships are in wrecks and some on the cliff of falling apart due to unfaithfulness of a cheating partner.

The thought that your spouse could be cheating on you is devastating. Making assumptions can also be very stressful. The best way to handle these suspicions is to do everything in your power to catch them, preferably in the act.

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

  1. Track Their Movements.
  2. Use A Sound Recorder.
  3. Check Text Messages And Other Messaging Apps.
  4. Give An Unannounced Visit.
  5. Search For Hidden Photos or Audio In Phone.
  6. Use The Service Of A Private Investigator.
  7. Check Apps, Trash Folders And Computer Recycle Bin.
Cheating Partner on bed

1. Track their movements.

There are many private transport apps that are been used nowadays to book for transportation, the point is, if your partner is a user of private ride apps to order for rides to their locations, you can easily lay hands on their phone in their absence and share their ride status with your own phone in other to track their movement.

To do this, search for the ride apps they use to book for rides, go into the app, go to Settings, then Manage Trusted Contacts, and add yourself to always receive notification of their rides.

2. Use A Sound Recorder

sound recorder

A recorder is mostly used for recording sounds one makes while they are asleep. On the other hand, they can be used to catch a cheater. If you are mostly out of town or not living with your spouse, you may place it on the bed to catch sounds.

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Another option is to place a recorder in their car seat so that you are able to listen to their conversations during the day when you are not together.

3. Check text messages, other messaging apps, and more

If your partner’s been super-protective of his or her phone, and you suspect they’re being unfaithful, try and sneak a peek at their messaging apps if you can. But note that regular text messaging apps (iMessenger) are for amateur hour…It’s worth giving it a quick scan to see if there are any individualized “do not disturb” message threads. However, WhatsApp is a likelier destination for illicit conversations (and do check the ‘Archived Chats’), or, for super savvy cheaters, they may even be making most of shared Notes apps on iPhone or even shared Google Docs. Draft emails on shared email accounts are also a go-to (yep, we’ve heard of this one).

And don’t forget to always check for aliases because ‘Aunt Becky’ may be someone else entirely (i.e. ‘Michelle’). While no software can definitively show you how to find out the true identity of a caller, there are apps like Reverse Phone Lookup App for iPhone. Spyzie or Call Log Monitor can track a person’s contact list and call logs to help tell you exactly how many times a day this ‘Aunt Becky’ calls. Once you have that, make a note of any numbers you find and contact the mystery caller yourself to bust a cheater once and for all.

4. Give an unannounced visit

Most cheaters will cheat in the absence of their partner’s. You could drop by their workplace or home unannounced or simply come back home at unusual times when they do not expect.

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The trick here is not to make it obvious that you are spying on them. Always have an excuse as to why you have dropped by. The first thing your partner will do if they are cheating is not to welcome you with a smile but seem surprised or even angry.

It is also crucial to note that a cheating partner will most often blame the other partner of cheating. This is what is known as reverse psychology. Instead of getting angry or annoyed, continue dropping by unannounced and change your timetable.

5. Search For Hidden Audio or Photos In Their Phone

A cheating partner may keep photos of their cheating mate in their mobile devices and may even keep audio recordings of calls and others in their digital gadgets. It is essential that you check out for nude or pornographic images and videos that may be sent to them from their cheating mate. You may go through their social networking apps like Facebook messages, WhatsApp chats, etc. check out for all messaging apps that your partner may be using in their phones or Laptop and other internet linked gadgets should be checked for clarification purpose.

6. Use The Service Of A Private Investigator

Cheating spouse investigator

Private investigators are persons who are licensed by law, whose job are to investigate on a person with the sole intension of getting useful evidences against the person by catching them in the very act.

You may need to hire service of a private investigator to help do the spy on your partner if you are smelling something fishy about your partner. But do note that hiring a private investigator comes with huge financial cost.

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7. Check Apps Trash Folder and Computer Recycle Bin

It is very important that every partner should respect and pay great regard to each others privacy even as down to their electronic gadgets. However, in you feel your partner may be cheating on you then you should seek out ways to prove that. It may be necessary that you check their trash folders in their messaging apps like Emails and you may also want to check the recycle bin of their computer to see what they may have deleted.

8. Spy When Making Or Receiving Phone Calls

Man spying on wife in bed

You may want to spy on your partner when they may be making or receiving some unusual phone calls.

When you notice a partner moving far away, bringing low the sound of their voice or going into a hideout when receive some calls, it may be a sign that they may be hiding something in the dark which they don’t want to allow others find out. In repeated cases like this, it may be necessary to always spy on them when making or receiving phone calls.

In conclusion, it is necessary that one be sure of suspecting their partner of unfaithfulness before taking this steps of catching their cheating spouse. In every relationship, it is important that trust be demonstrated by each party as a sign of love for each other.


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