Ronaldo Will Be the Man for The Big Moments At MUFC, Says Wayne Rooney.

Ronaldo is back

Ex-Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney has come out to say that the club can challenge for the EPL title with Ronaldo. He recently revealed that the Portuguese international player will definitely have an enormous impact at the club.

Derby County Manager, an ex-Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney comments on Ronaldo’s back to MUFC.
According to Rooney, MUFC are finally ready to challenge for the title and it is absolutely important for that to happen at Old Trafford soon.
Welcome Home….

He added that Ronaldo will be the man for the big moments this season and he’ll definitely score a lot of goals.

His words, “What impact will Ronaldo have? An enormous one, I think he’s still one of the best players in the world,

“I think we’ve seen in the game against Ireland that’s what he does, last couple of minutes he scores two goals, two great headers, so he can have a massive impact on this league.”

“I think United are finally ready to go and challenge for the title, and I really feel they have to this year.”

“Ronaldo is going to be a big player, I think he’ll have a very big moments in the season and I’m sure he’ll score a lot of goals.”

“I follow Manchester United, I want them to do well, and I think it’s great for them that they’ve brought Cristiano back.”

“I think his mentality will rub off on the younger players especially, so I think its’ great timing.”

“I think Cristiano will know himself it’s not going to be as simple or as straightforward as it was in Spain or in Italy for him.”

“It’s a physical league, he knows, he’s played in it, so I’m sure he’s prepared and he’s ready to go and score goals again for Manchester United.”

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