Russian Invasion: Putin And His Highest Ranking Commanders Reportedly Operating From Secret Bunkers

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his highest-ranking commanders are reportedly operating in the Ukraine war from top-secret nuclear bunkers.

Movements of planes used by top Kremlin officials show Putin may be in a hideaway near Surgut in western Siberia, it is claimed.

According to investigative journalist Christo Grozev, Putin‘s defense minister Sergei Shoigu is believed to be in a bunker near Ufa in the Urals, 725 miles east of Moscow.

According to the reports, the theory is backed by his daughter Ksenia Shoigu, 31, who visited Ufa, where she was pictured for an estimated three days from March 22, as speculation was rife that the defense minister had suffered heart problems.

She also abruptly barred public access to her Instagram where she had posed with her baby in the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine.

The use of the high-security bunkers – if confirmed – is alarming as it suggests Putin may be preparing to deploy nuclear weapons, a move that would lead to inevitable reprisal.

‘Knowing that there are also protected bunkers in this region, this gives an obvious answer about his place of residence.’

In an interview with the Ukraine-24 channel, he told TV anchor Yevgeny Kiselyov: ‘This is our very justified version.

‘I believe in it, and I consider it to be a purely analytical conclusion. There can’t be any other conclusion.

‘If the Kremlin’s war strategy assumes a nuclear strike – and it does – as [Dmitry] Peskov [Putin’s spokesman] himself said on CNN a couple of days ago, then there cannot be any other version.

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‘If there is a decision of a potential nuclear strike, they can’t hide the military leadership afterward.

‘They have to be hidden beforehand.

‘I am absolutely certain he is in a so-called bunker, and by trailing the plane he usually flies, we see very frequent, almost daily flights to Ufa.

‘Knowing this region has those very protected bunkers this leads us to the obvious conclusion. ‘

He believes Putin has another bunker elsewhere.


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