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#SayNoToRape: Are Women At Fault For Being Raped

we are in a society where rapist tends to go scot-free.

she didn’t dress well,

she was all alone at night

she broke up with me

she looks hot… These excuses are not reason enough to rape a woman, I believe the problem isn’t the women, but the men.

when asking some people on their views about rape, one said rape isn’t a fault of the women but the men, because I believe even if a lady wears the most decent outfit, a rapist would still find reasons to rape her.
He also advised parents to train their children from a young age, because according to the bible, it says ‘train up a child in the way he or she should grow and they would never depart from it’.
Thereby parents should create that mindset in their offsprings that rape isn’t accepted. I believe if this is crafted in their heads and minds, they would never mislead or influenced even my friends.

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From another point of view, I believe the society and government should lay an example with a rapist so that other rapists would learn and change, a good punishment should be laid out for rapists so that they won’t have that free will to rape whoever they wish to, but on the other hand, women should try their best to avoid being in the situations of being raped, though like I said we are in a society where rapists can rape anyone even if you try to take possible precautions.

Women are not animals, they are not tools to be used,

Close up of a placard during a protest against the rape of a... : News Photo

we heard of a story of a lady who was tied up like a criminal, raped and murdered by hoodlums in a church….even a church which we believe is the safest place isn’t safe anymore, or how about the father who raped his 7moinths old daughter..a seven months olds, isn’t that awful. So what reason does that man have for raping a 7month old… she didn’t dress seductively, neither did she walk alone at night…. or is it about the 12-year-old girl who was raped by four men while playing in her compound…eevn your house isn’t safe. this nation isn’t anymore… I plead with the government to find every possible way to vet out the right punishment to rapists.

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