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Self Branding: Key To Visible Success

The importance of self-impression is indispensable in attaining one’s set goals and vision in life. There is a common saying that you cannot give what you don’t have.

    A luxurious car without a source to power it cannot work. Now the rhetorical question arise what is branding? Oxford dictionary define branding as the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

  You will quite agree with me that the importace of promotion in achieving success in business can’t be overlooked. Clearly drawing from this, self branding is quite important as well. I will define self branding as the the development of one self which aid good intra personal and interpersonal relationship among peers, colleagues, clients cum prospective clients.

   The late Chief Obafemi Awolowo the first premier of the western Nigeria in his book titled “Voice Of Widom ( selected speeches)” said and I quote “ It is good to get to the top but it is not easy to remain there, paradventure you find yourself there ( The Top) you have to do 3 things (1) Work on yourself physically (2) Work on yourself intellectually (3)  And above all,work on yourself spiritually, otherwise you will be rattled down” This doesn’t apply to staying successful alone, it also applies to walking into success and living beautiful life changing dreams

   It is no longer news that the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was a successful lawyer, businessman and politician in his time whose good pedigree speaks till date. An hero whose indelible footprint is clearly seen on the sand of time. He was born as the son of a farmer and walked his way through to success as a Teacher, Journalist, Minister Of  Finance and the first premier of the old Western Nigeria. He was a Nigerian nationalist and statesman who played a key role in Nigeria’s independence movement  together with the likes of Chief Anthony Enahoro who moved the motion for self independence  in his speech titled “ Motion For Independence By Chief Anthony Enahoro In The House Of Representatives On 31st March, 1953”.

      I will like to breakdown and expatiate more on the success principles highlighted by Late Awolowo in the aforementioned book viz:

(A) Physical Branding Of Self: The way you look is the way you will be perceived. An unattractive product may not be appealing to the target audience. In the same vein, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. We must endeavor to  look decent and neat at all time. This really aid good interpersonal communication and relationships

 (B) Intelectual Branding Of Self: Quoting from the first two lines of  this article, “You cannot give what you don’t have. You have to be up to date and well informed on new trend, ideas and idiosyncrasy in your career path and livelihood. This will help to be strategically placed in the market and have an edge over market competitors.You must be able to know what to do,what to say , things to add or remove to aid visible success as an employer or employee in your career path This applies to both employers and employees.

(C) Spiritual Branding Of Self: The spiritual controls the physical. The bible says that whatever is bind on earth, is bind in heaven and whatever is loose on earth, is loose in heaven. Humans are true reflection of our spirit being. For success to be attained we need the help of the almighty God for guidance, protection, blessing and above all to shine his light unto our path.

   I will like like to end this article citing from my poem, a sonnet, titled “Unceasing Tears” published in The Nigerian Tribune Newspaper on Tuesday 8 September, 2009 where I wrote about the importance of knowledge in success. It reads thus:

Unceasing Tears

The cry of many years

Widely  travelled

Flow from point to point

Putting smiles on many faces

A voice in the wilderness crying aloud

Duncan, knowledge first

Vapour thy tears

Cry! Riches! Try!Wealth

Duncan! He cried again

Dead? Your years shall cry

The above poem summarises the importance of success and the role of knowledge in achieving ones goal and objective in life. The poem agitates for the need for consistency and resilience in pursuit of our dreams and objective in life.

    I wish all and sundry resounding success.

                                                       Kayode Adeshina Rhymes

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