” She Should Stop Misleading The Congregation”- Life Coach, Laila Calls Out Funke Felix-Adejumo

In a viral video which circulated on Monday, November 2 the clergywoman, Funke Felix- Adejumo was seen advising the women to make their own money and stop depending on their husbands for everything, and she also mentioned that any woman whose husband’s life fails to appreciate after marriage is a witch.

However, Life coach Laila st Matthew Daniels didnt find what Mrs Funke said as been the truth as she argued some points out in a statement, she said:

”This woman – I hear preaches well in the area of parenting but when she crosses to other areas – it’s a give and take.

How can she say this? And I refuse to accept some people’s comments that the whole message should be listen to. The man who only picks this up will react if for any reason HE is having issues with his business etc.

What about if he is a lazy one and makes her life uncomfortable – that means he is a WIZARD?

Taking the scripture – ‘he who finds a wife….and receives blessings from the Lord”. The blessing is dependent on how he uses it ….. also how is he treating her?

She should STOP misleading the congregation!”

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