Street Foods You Should Try in Nigeria

There are so many delicious and unique street foods in Nigeria. They are all prepared in different ways and are mostly made right in front of you. So many Nigerians depend on these delicious treats to satisfy their hunger when they are on the go.

Below are some of these interesting delicacies sold on the streets of Nigeria;


This is a delicious snack made from ingredients such as, flour, sugar, water, and other ingredients. It has a fluffy texture and is best served hot.


This snack is created by roasting plantains on a traditional charcoal grill. Vendors of this snack are snack found in every corner and can be enjoyed with groundnuts as well.


Suya is made by barbecuing meat on a traditional charcoal grill. There are different varieties of meat to be used (chicken, beef, goat meat, etc.). It is usually sold during the later hours of the day.


This is a very common snack enjoyed by everyday Nigerians. It can be served either roasted or boiled, and is eaten with coconuts, pears, etc.


This snack can be found in almost every corner in the country, from convenient stores, street vendors, to even larger supermarkets. It’s a go to snack for citizens stuck in traffic.


Akara is made by deep frying batter made of beans, pepper, salt, and other ingredients. The snack is best served hot.

If you ever find yourself stuck in traffic, or on your way home after a long day and need a quick fix for your hunger we guarantee any of these delicious street snacks would do the trick.

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