Suspected Yahoo Boys Arrested In A Hotel After Being Caught With Live Snake In Their Luggage

Three young men were arrested in a hotel in Aladinma, Imo State after a live snake was found in one of their luggage.

The boys, believed to be 14, 16, and 17 years old, were arrested around 10:00 am on Wednesday 26 January 2022.

They arrived at Aladdinma’s hotel with a box that was secured with a padlock, but when the box was opened, a live snake was seen inside.

The boys were arrested immediately and eyewitnesses claimed that they confessed to having traveled to Adagwa in Rivers state, where a native doctor made some marks on their bodies and filled the box with American dollars before they continued on their journey.

However, when they arrived in Imo State and the box was opened for a hotel search, they were stunned to find that the foreign currency had been replaced with a live snake.

The boys were taken to the Aladinma police station, where their presence drew a large crowd on Wednesday morning, January 26.


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