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Tenant Commits Suicide After Allegedly Raping Neighbour’s Daughter In Lagos

A Lagos tenant, identified as Kayode, has reportedly committed suicide after his 16-year-old neighbor’s daughter accused him of raping her twice at their house in the Oja-Amukoko area of Lagos State.

This incident occurred after the girl’s mother who had a stroke was taken to the Ikorodu area for treatment. Kayode was reportedly asked to take care of the victim but took advantage of her.

According to the reports,  the girl’s father also alleged that Kayode seized his daughter’s phone to prevent her from informing her family members after raping her twice. 

“I quickly rushed there, but I didn’t meet her at home. I called my ex-wife’s younger brother and he said he would soon join me at the place.

“After a few minutes, I saw my daughter and she informed me that Kayode raped her. She said she could not sleep alone in her mother’s apartment and that when she slept at Kayode’s apartment, he raped her twice and seized her phone.

“It was when she told Kayode that she wanted to contact her mum that he released his phone to her and instead of calling her mum, she used that opportunity to text her mum’s younger brother.

“So, we went to a police station and she explained to the policemen who said they could not hear only our side of the story. We went to pick up Kayode but didn’t meet him at home. The policemen then directed us to do a medical test at Orege General Hospital. We were also asked to return the next day as they searched for him,” he added.

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It was learned that Kayoede later drank an insecticide and was confirmed dead at the hospital.

“The next day, I received a call that Kayode drank insecticide and died. They found him in the backyard of their house and rushed him to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.”

 Benjamin Hundeyin the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer revealed that Kayode’s brother reported to the command that he committed suicide.

“The father of the girl, 16, reported that his wife’s co-tenant, Kayode, 41, defiled his daughter. After the report was made, policemen were detailed to arrest the suspect, but he was not seen.

“The investigation was ongoing when the suspect’s brother came to the station to report that Kayode committed suicide by drinking a substance suspected to be insecticide. The corpse was recovered but later released to the family for burial in accordance with Islamic rites,” Hundeyi said.


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