The True Meaning of A Place, Time and Purpose of God.

Place, Time and Purpose
Do you know that the true meaning of your whole life depends on the place, time and purpose of God? The purpose to which you have been created are for some reasons, not because you chose to be, however, the grace of the Almighty God is sufficient for all.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” -(Proverbs 3:5-6)

Our success in life is tied to the three principles of God, the principle of: A place, time and purpose. If any is missing in your quest to succeed in life, you will fail woefully and yes! struggle becomes inevitable.

Our God is a divine programmer who programs our life according to His will and perfect timing, but you can only enjoy His divine leading if you are humble enough to trust in Him with your heart and obey every of His commandments, lean not unto our own understanding and acknowledging Him in all our ways says today’s verse.

Many people fail in life and ministry because they found themselves either in the wrong place, at the wrong time or fulfilling the wrong purpose…

Checking the life of some characters in the bible.

  1. Abraham…
    God told him to leave His father’s house, wealth, comfort zone and kinsmen to a place He would show him… God’s divine direction brought Abraham to a place of purpose, these made Him successful in life and was called the father of faith by example; we all use in prayers today.
  2. Rebekah
    She was due for marriage, but no one was coming to her… On this faithful day, she was told to fetch water at the well… And that was where she got in contact with Abraham’s most trusted slave finding a wife for Isaac…

Note a thing here, what if she refused to go out to fetch water on that faithful day, What if she refused to give water to the stranger?, What if she offered water but acted rude?. She would have stayed longer than necessary in her parent’s house. However, she was at the right place, at the right time to fulfill the purpose her life… And that gave her the blessing of a husband as a crown.

  1. King David

He was a boy when his father sent him with food to give to his brothers at war front, he never hesitate to fulfil the purpose of God in his life by confronting the uncircumcised philistine Goliath. He was at the right place, at the right time, and fulfilling the right purpose of God. That incident orchestrated His Kingship in the land of Israel which we also used today as a point of reference.

  1. Jesus Christ the Lord.
    It was at the wedding of Canaan that Christ emphasized on the importance of right timing. He was at the wedding(place) not just as a guest but as a miracle worker (purpose). But His mother wanted to obstruct the timing, He cautioned His mother saying “My time has not come”. And when the right time came, it was all for the glory of The Father – Hallelujah!!

Your success in life can be achieved if you follow the divine principles of God.

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