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The World’s Largest egg(Reptile)

The world’s largest reptile egg, was found in Antarctica known to have been laid by a sea monster.

It is reported that the size of the animals must be in comparison to that of a dinosaur, but different from a dinosaur ‘s egg.

The team’s lead author, Lucas Legendre, a geoscientist at the University of Texas, said;”it is from an animal the size of a large dinosaur — but it is completely unlike a dinosaur egg,” 

The egg size which ranches from 7inches in wide and 11 inches long, was said to have come from a mother with at least 23 feet long from the tip of its snout to its tail. 

The species, that was described in the June 17 issue of Nature, has been named Antarcticoolithus bradyi.

Legendre ;“It is most similar to the eggs of lizards and snakes, but it is from a truly giant relative of these animals,” Le

A corresponding author  name Julia Clark said”The egg belonged to an individual that was at least 23 feet long, a giant marine reptile,”

Beyond its record-breaking size, the scientists’ finding also challenges the notion that such reptiles did not lay eggs.The almost-complete, football-sized, soft-shelled egg but it is also one of the largest eggs ever described,”.

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