Things To Avoid At The Early Stage Of Your Relationship


When you get to meet someone who you think is a boyfriend or girlfriend material there are some things you have to avoid in order not to end the relationship even before it began.

Getting to know someone at first can be stressful and fun at the same time, but you have to be sensitive enough to balance things out because anything you allow at the beginning you can be sure it would multiply.

Anyways, i will list out 3 things you should really avoid at the initial stage of your relationship. These include:

1.) Comparing Them To Your Exes

This is a very important act that you should avoid because if you always get to compare your present relationship with your ex, you immediately pass a false impression that you have not gotten over your ex especially if its in a good way you do the comparison. Also comparing your ex with the present only mounts up pressure and you automatically make the present become fake and under pressure because instead of being himself he /she is trying to live up to your standard.

2.) Appearing Too Clingy

Now don’t get me wrong because it is only normal for both of you to always want to be together especially at the beginning part of your relationship but avoid being too clingy or appearing too jealous. It is very important for both of you to have a life outside of the relationship and as time grows in the relationship you will integrate into each others broader social life.

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3.) Ignoring Some Dangerous Habits

At the beginning of your relationship, if you get carried away and you ignore dangerous habits, you are only calling for multiplication and it would get so bad in the future. Ignoring habits in anticipation that they would change later is wrong because if it escalates it would now become difficult to manage.  If you notice that they have traits that would be difficult to contend with — there’s a very good chance that the relationship won’t last.

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