”Till Date, I Regret Bleaching My Skin”- Obuoba Adofo

Veteran Highlife Artiste, Obuoba J. A Adofo has revealed that the only thing he regrets till date is the fact that he bleached his skin at the peak of his career.

Speaking at an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Adofo said ;

“You know at that time, bleaching and having permed, curly hair meant a lot to people who thought they had arrived. As a musician at my peak, I wanted to feel that sense of belonging so I bleached my skin.

I thought that that way, people would know that I was a big man, but later I regretted my actions having learnt of the complications of bleaching and the consequences people suffered.

I even found out that it was difficult for surgeries to be performed on bleached skin. Till date, I feel guilty for doing that and really wish I could change the hands of time”

Adofo who was popular for his hit songs like Owuo Mpaso, Yaa Boatemaa, Ankwandobi, Kyerema, Odo Pa, Yebede Agoro, City Boys and Mukyea.

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