Through Music man have been able to communicate emotion, Love, desire, appreciation in any given situation. However, there are certain songs that are repetitive on everyone’s lips in Nigeria, especially when Conjugational worship is being held.

Worship songs are a tool designed to express heart-felt love and communicate our intense appreciation to God. Below are top 10 songs selected in no particular order of rating of popularity or ranking. These songs over time have best communicated a worshipper’s appreciation to God efficiently especially when there are many audience in an atmosphere of worship.

1. Bigger everyday by Moses Bliss ( Festizie, Membrane, Uwa, Chris Heaven & Temple)

“Bigger Everyday” was released in 2020 by Moses Bliss. The artistry of the song is a great one, it was a combination of Afro-beat, trap, classic choral, pop etc. all beautifully created into one of the most popular gospel piece fast rising as an anthem in Nigeria. The song featured quite a number of Great God’s talent like; Festizie, Membrane, Uwa, Chris Heaven & Temple. Each singing different part and playing different music genre role in the song which made it more elaborate.

2. Yeshua Hamashiach by Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey, specially made with a horn(trumpet) of Worship has released numerous songs which is being used almost everywhere today to worship God.

The combination of Hebrew words put together to Title this song In English “Yeshua Hamashiach” means “The Anointed One” is the last song on the list of one his album titled “The King Is Coming”. The Christian community in Africa is yet to get enough of this song. The song is a repetition of few song lines yet powerful.

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3. Obinasom – Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo has written a long list of mind blowing songs. However “Obinasom” has features that fits into all occasion, age range and any worship arrangement. The song was released in the year 2020, the song has since then been a household song even beyond the Christian community. 

4. Fragrance to Fire by Dunsin Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan is a high energy song writer who also has an archive of miraculous songs. Fragrance to Fire was recorded live at The Covenant Nation, Lagos. The song gathered numerous accolades from all around the world

5. All That Matters by Minister GUC

Minister GUC known in full as “Gift Ugochukwu Christopher” released “All that matters” under the Eezee Concept Record label exactly the first of January 2020. the song has since then gathered over 50million views on YouTube. the song has since then gone viral like a wide fire and has recorded many worshippers creating a space for God in their Lives.

6. Good by Okey Sokay

Okey Sokay, the minister who has been in the style of combining traditonal groove with modern groove to create a blend that is only known to him. GOOD (live) is a thanksgiving song off “THE TRANSITION” album by Okey Sokay. the song shares the ultimate power of God as to be compared to none as only God can do what no man can do.

7. Oba To Nja Funmi by Gbenga Akinfenwa

Gbenga Akinfenwa realesed a song that has since gone viral in his album “Jehovah Olugbeja” titled “Oba To Nja Funmi”. he released popular songs like “Di Mi Mu”. however, “Oba To Nja Funmi” is a sensational one as it was more viral and communicate God as a defender who takes on battles for the saint.

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8. Beyond Me by Yadah

Beyond Me was recorded at the Yadah Live In Concert (YALIC 2019). Beyond me by Yadah is a song that shows how helpless a man could be but with God men are not without Help by A God who always goes beyond man’s capabilities and undoubtedly pours His Love irrespective of man’s filth.

9. Song of Angels(Ndi Mo Zi) by judikay

Gospel singer, Judikay; “Song of Angels” is a song that explains the Great Glory of God and a comparison of how angels Worship God in Heaven. The song was released in 2019.

10. On Fire by Victoria Orenze

“On Fire” was released November 14th, 2016 by Victoria Orenze, a Nigeria Gospel singer, song writer, she has dropped many hit singles including Covenant keeping God, Faithful God etc. Victoria has been in the ministry of songs that uplifts. In December 2016, she organized a Christian concert tagged; Return, which ministered highly to its audience and every other people who followed online. The concert was held in the main hall of the University of Lagos in Ojo, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria, and saw the attendance of over a thousand people. she performed the Song with “On Fire” in an intense way at the concert.

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