Twitter Announces New Policy On How To Get Verified


Twitter, the American microblogging and social networking service has announced a new policy for users on how to get verified.

The Jack Dorsey-owned app paused verification in 2017 after widespread outcry over the company’s decision to give blue check to white supremacists who tweeted disparaging comments about a woman killed in Charlottesville.

However, Twitter speaking through its product manager, B Bryne on Thursday spoke on its new plans for verification.

He said:

“Basically, we wanted to get things right. We took the time to understand how to update the policy to be more clear on the criteria for accounts that are (and aren’t) eligible for verification so the programme is more equitable and transparent. That included asking for feedback.

“At Twitter we often ask for the public’s feedback when we develop policies to make sure we’re considering global perspectives. We know our old verification policy seemed arbitrary and confusing to many people. Feedback helped us focus on the parts that needed clarifying.”

Answering questions on criteria, he said;

“First, you let us know which eligible category you fit into and provide your account qualifications/credibility. Then we’ll confirm your identity using your govt-issued ID, official email address, or official website.”

He further noted that “the Twitter Rules apply and have always applied to verified accounts. If someone thinks a verified account is breaking our rules, they can report it. Per our policy, we may remove an account’s blue badge if it severely or repeatedly violates the Twitter Rules

The company “may remove an account’s badge if its username changes, it becomes incomplete or inactive, its owner is no longer in the position the account was initially verified for, or it’s found to be in violation of the Twitter Rules. In some cases, people can apply to be re-verified.”

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