Two Children And Five Adults Were Abducted By Kidnappers In Suleja


At Anguwar Kwankwashe in Suleja, Niger state, two children and five adults were reportedly kidnaped.

According to reports, on Tuesday August 3, the kidnappers in large number broke into some houses and hotels around 1:30 am. However the two kidnapped victims escaped from the abductors.

“They split into groups to attack homes from where they took their victims.

“It was even the sound of their gun shot that woke me up. I walked quietly to check the window and discovered that the kidnappers, some of them even dressed like soldiers.” said by an eyewitness Shehu Abdulkadir .

A vigilante man said that he notified the policemen of division immediately he heard the gunshot in the area .He said the vigilante and the police from C division engaged the kidnappers in a shootout, but they still escaped with their victims.

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