Ugandan Government Official was Jailed By Court For 40 Years For Stealing $26.4 million From A Scheme Funded By Government Ireland,Sweden and Denmark

 On Friday, September 24, Ugandan anti-corruption court  sentenced a government official to 40 years in prison and ordered him to pay $5.4 million in compensation for stealing.

According to the reports, Godfrey Kazinda  was accused of stealing $26.4 million from enterprise funded by the government Ireland, Sweden and Denmark to help northern Uganda recover from the ravages of a decades-long insurgency by the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army.

Former accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister mr Kazinda, was found guilty.

Justice Margaret Tibulya said,  “the offences of illicit enrichment, forgery, causing financial loss and conspiracy to commit felonies”,sentencing him to 40 years in jail.

She added “You are ordered to compensate the government to a tune of 19,171,476,505 shillings,”

Kazinda’s properties has also seized by the government the properties included a 20-room mansion valued at one million dollars, as well as four luxury sports cars worth $218,000, court documents showed.

Mr Kazinda use the fund living a luxury life, his lives in a suite at the Sheraton Kampala for about 10 months at one point and travelling to high-end tourism destinations all over the world.

A huge amount of money of foreign currency stashed away while conducting a search of one of his Kampala properties, including GBP 200,000 in cash.

Court protracted nine-year battle for friday.

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