UPDATE: MKO Abiola’s Wife Debunks Rumours Of Being Involved In her Stepsons’ Arrest

Kassim and Aliu, the two sons of late Abiola, are reported to have stated that they were unlawfully arrested and detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Ikeja, sequel to a complaint that was lodged by their step-mum, Adebisi Abiola, after the robbery incident.

However, their stepmother Chief Adebisi Abiola, has denied the allegation of her being involved in the arrest of her stepsons’.

“it is highly inconceivable, preposterous, ridiculous, absurd and malicious” to claim that she was instrumental to the arrest of Kassim and Aliu Abiola simply because they are “her stepsons”.

In a statement released by Adebisi through her Lawyer, Mr. Debo Adeleke, it is stated that;

“The victim, Chief Mrs Adebisi Abiola and her daughter were subsequently locked up in her room with a threat by the armed robbers that she and her daughter will be eliminated if they raised an alarm.

“While the policemen were interviewing the family members, Kassim Abiola conducted himself in a very rude ungentlemanly, provocative, embarrassing and suspicious manner. All efforts by other members of the family to make him act in a responsible manner failed.

“It is further on record that Mr. Kassim did not only throw tantrums at the police, but equally threatened to deal ruthlessly with one of the senior officers who he (Kassim) claimed to know personally to the extent of describing the said senior police officer’s car and the location where he will deal with him.”

“these unguarded vituperations and violent conduct by Kassim infuriated the police and he was subsequently invited for further interrogation for demanding the reason for the presence of the policemen in his father’s house.”

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“The Police subsequently arrested Kassim and Aliu Abiola and seven others for further questioning regarding the investigation of the robbery incident which the police suspected to have been carried out through the active connivance of a member of the family or staff, considering the ease with which the armed robbery incident was carried out.”

“This unfortunate turn of event angered Chiefs Mrs. Adebisi Abiola and other members of the family, as they were thoroughly embarrassed,”

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