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Update on US 2020 Live Election: How Trump or Biden could win the US election as votes are being (Explained)

US president, Donald Trump and Democratic challenger, Joe Biden are in a tightly contested battle for the White House as Americans choose who will lead them for the next four years.

In the American electoral system, some states carry more electoral points than others, and that is why some states results are given more significance in a US presidential election than some others.

Those states are referred to as key battle ground states, and a candidate’s success in them could as well grant him victory in the presidential race.

As of press time, Trump trails Biden by 213 to 238, but all that could change as the vote counts get collated.

From the electoral map photo below of the 2020 presidential race, states with a bright red represents states already won by Trump while states represented by   
blue are states already won by Biden.

States with a light blue colour represents states Biden is leading as the votes are being counted while states with light red represents states Trump has a lead on.

Trump has a major lead in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan with those states having 16, 20, 15, and 16 electoral votes respectively.

If Trump wins these states as projected, he will have 280 electoral votes. To win the election a candidate needs just 270 electoral votes.

Biden who already has 238 electoral votes, has a lead in Nevada, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

These three states have 6,10, and 4 as it’s electoral votes. If you add them to Biden’s 238 it gives 258 electoral votes.

Biden will have to gather more votes in states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan to get as much as 270 electoral votes.

Trump has already won battleground states Florida, Ohio, Texas and Iowa while Biden has won New Hampshire and Arizona and is favorite to win Wisconsin.

This could explains Trump’s decision to threaten going to the Supreme Court as states controlled by Democrats like Pennsylvania could delay vote counting for days in order to get count more absentee ballot votes for Biden.

As it stands now the electoral results still hinge on a lot of factors but LIB will keep giving you updates as the results keep pouring in.

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