Ways Bleaching Can Destroy Your Skin And Health


The zeal to have a lighter skin may seem irrestible but there are some hidden dangers associated with bleaching the skin.

Between colourism and lack of confidence, women are buying into the skin bleaching industry at an alarming rate.

When bleaching ones skin, the goal is to reduce the amount of melanin deposited within the top layers of the skin.about:blank

Melanin is the product that gives skin and hair its dark colour. Reducing its quantity in the skin will make it less dark, whether it’s in scar tissue or all over the body.

The degree of whitening depends on the amount melanin that is removed from the skin. There are various methods used to achieve this, and different skin bleaching agents might contain ingredients that use one or more of these methods.

These products are very dangerous because once one starts using them; stopping leads to more complications, whereas continuing with it puts your overall health in danger.

For one to start having complications, it takes a period of one to two years.

When one tries to stop using them, the problem persists and they find themselves in the cycle again. However, the best way to handle it is to seek help from a dermatologist.

Apart from just health problems, the product is also associated with economic impact as well as stress because of the stigma from the community

Kagimbana explains that once one has disturbed the normal skin with these products, there is no flora of the skin, thus exposing it to various skin issues and other diseases.

The skin is important when it comes to protecting our body, interfering with it leads to many health problems.”

The side effects include big pimples that don’t go away, resulting into scars when pressed, dark spots and patches, sensitivity of the skin to the sun to a point that one can’t be under it for too long.

Hair growth around the mouth area and the chin is also a side effect.

This is because bleaching means clearing the skin, and since these products contain harmful ingredients, the skin is already damaged and the cells beneath are damaged as well.

The medic points out that for people using these products, in case of an accident with stitching required, it’s hard and most of the time not possible because the skin is already damaged beyond repair.

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