Ways To Get Over The Pain Of Being Hurt By Your Partner

Ways To Get Over The Pain Of Being Hurt By Your Partner

Being human beings and from different backgrounds, we are bound to step on the toes of eachother. Most times people believe that the best way to get over the pain of being hurt by your partner is to get separated or to end the relationship.

But in my opinion, if you are in the habit of quitting the relationship after every hurt, you must be ready to quit many more because mistakes are inevitable. Having the ability to let go of any hurt by forgiving your partner is very healthy for every relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some hurts that are not so easy to forgive because they have either dented the trust you had in your partner or weighed your spirit down while there are some that are easily forgotten. But in every kind of situation, you must find a way out of it in a bid to maintain your own sanity.

Hence, the reason i came up with this article to be able to guide you in some way to get you out of every hurt and brokeness. The best ways to get rid of every hurt is to:

1.) Consciously Put An End To Remembering The Pain

Constantly remembering the pain of the past or present never heals you. Consciously avoid thinking about circumstances surrounding the pain or how it made you feel when it was done. This is a conscious act. Let go and move on so you can heal.

2.) Depending On Your Partner’s Attitude Afterwards, Give A Second Chance

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Now this particular option only depends the attitude of the one who hurt you. For as long as he/ she admits and is remorseful and has also seen reasons why it was wrong then you can give the second chance.

Giving your partner a second chance to improve on himself only brings out a better version you will like, because he now knows what is right and wrong in the relationship and what should be avoided.

3.) When You Notice Obvious Changes, Appreciate It

Someone who loves you and does not want to loose you will take necessary actions to change what caused the pain. It is not so easy but its only love that can cause this change. In the meantime, when you notice the obvious changes, learn to appreciate your partner as it goes a long way.


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