Ways To know A Lady Is Not Interested In You


There are two ways to find out more about someone, it is either you ask direct questions or you take your time to find out.

Before or once a lady starts to develop feelings for a guy, she begins to either ask questions or she picks interest in finding out quietly for herself.

But when a lady doesn’t have feelings for a man, it is usually very obvious as she does not bother to ask or observe.

I will list out ways to let you know as a man if a woman likes you or not:

1.) She Would Never Ask If You Are Single Or Not

A very obvious way to know a lady is not interested in you is to observe that she will never ask about your relationship status nor would she ever show signs of jealousy if another female gender is around you.

But a lady who likes you, will ask you about your present relationship and if none, she would ask about the previous.

2.) She Would Not Ask Some Caring Questions

A girl who likes you would always ask some very caring questions like your whereabouts, if you have eaten etc.

But someone who does not like would careless about your whereabouts and current situation. your conversations with her would not be so deep because she would not want to spend quality time with you.

3.) She Always Excuses Herself From Conversations

When you are with a lady and you notice that whenever you bring up a conversation concerning both of you she always comes up with an excuse either she wants to use the bathroom or she gets engaged immediately with a phone call.


To really confirm this whenever she is done, and you resume the conversation and she ignores or changes the topic it means you should rest because she is not interested


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