Where Nigerians Are Banned From Renting Homes In UAE

The United Arab Emirates has announced that Nigerians and other foreign nationals cannot rent homes from a certain part of the country.

Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Sharjah Ruler, has decreed that non-citizens of the UAE cannot rent houses within the residential neighbourhoods of Al Dhaid Municipality.

According to Al Qasimi, the decision was made in order to protect the privacy of citizens as well as their customs and traditions.

On Thursday  Ali Musabah Al Tunaiji, director of Al Dhaid Municipality, said Al Qasimi issued the directive after meeting with the people of the city on several occasions.

This came in response to a caller who complained about the absence of a law prohibiting renting in residential neighbourhoods.

Al Qasimi said the municipality councils, suburbs and village councils are responsible for enforcing this rule.

If a complaint is received about an expatriate living in these areas, the municipality, the Al Dhaid Municipality Director said, will inform the owner about Sheikh Sultan’s directives. He also urged relevant authorities to initiate a scheme to establish rental housing in the city.

Al Tunaiji insisted that orders from Sheikh Sultan Qasimi or Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, the Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, are greater than laws, regulations and circulars, especially when it concerns family and social cohesion and the preservation of national identity.


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